Zdravstvuyte, Tovarichi! (Welcome Comrades)

The Ice River Guards Regiment provides House Zheltychelokski with a significant Special Operations capability. These units are designed for great flexibility, and undertake a wide variety of operations in all environmental conditions, including zero-G and vacuum.

In outline the Regiment consists of a regimental HQ, and three battalions of two companies each. A light infantry battalions, a Mechanized Infantry Battalion, and an Armored Cavalry Battalion. Attached at the regimental level are air and heavy artillery assets.

What’s this Site About?

This is a website dedicated to my wargaming army designed to work with a variety of wargaming systems. The most popular games in my hometown are Warhammer 40K, Warmachine, Stargrunt and a few others. This army was designed to be an generic force useable under a variety of wargaming rules and game settings, forming a solid foundation I could build on and use in most any gaming environment. I believe I succeeded and I welcome feedback and ideas from visitors to this site.

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