Female Marines

Making a Female Space Marine

The reasons for the creation of female Space Marines are largely the sole knowledge of the Chapters themselves – to commit such a crime against the Machine God and the Emperor would require incredible circumstances just to consider it. Indeed, if such an option is considered at all, as the technology required to create such beings is rare and is often locked deep away within the most heavily armored of Forge Worlds. A rare few know that it can be done – fewer still survive to tell the tale. Perhaps the Chapter, so desperately ravaged by war and mutation would seek to create a temporary vessel for their gene-seed to grow until such time they can rebuild their strength? Perhaps the Chapter itself was raised upon a great matriarchal world and it was inevitable that females were to be inducted? Or perhaps the reasons are darker still, whether by means accidental or deliberate? The reasons are as varied as the stars themselves.

Genetic deviance is common within the Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes. Despite the regular purges preformed by the Inquisition and the Cult Mechanicus, the continuing onset of mutation and psychic disturbance within the Imperium has resulted in the very recruits that a Chapter draws upon are inevitably tainted. This, normally, has little effect. But over time, the innate psychic imprint of the Chapter is implanted upon their gene-seed, resulting in mutation that often manifests itself to a form similar to the Chapter mythos and beliefs. However, some mutations owe their creation to circumstances more sinister. There have been instances where doomed Chapters have been forced to implant their gene-seed within foreign creatures so as to preserve it until it can be retrieved when the current crisis is passed. Some are the result of the worst kind of Techno-Heresy: the direct and deliberate alteration of the genetic material by the Chapter for reasons unknown by HereTeks.

Female Space Marine Figure converted and painted by Jennifer Haley 
Copyright © 2007 Jennifer Haley,
All Rights Reserved

Whatever the reason, the fact is that such beings do exist, despite the best attempts of the Cult Mechanicus. They view tampering with the gene-seed as a crime most terrible-as, to some extent, it contains a part of the Emperor’s genetic material, although to a far lesser extent than the Primarchs. Although not a patriarchal organization, the Cult Mechanicus view the possibility that the gene-seed has been tampered with so much that it can be safely and repeatedly used within a female biological system with horror. The main problem associated with the use of gene-seed within a female system is the fact that the hormones that the genetic material reacts to testosterone, rather than estrogen. This is primarily because the organs need adequate muscle stimulation to promote growth and development, while estrogen has a less profound impact on the body’s muscular system than testosterone.

Combined with the fact that the Emperor himself coded the genetics of the organs with a focus to make his armies on Terra stronger, faster, and more aggressive, it makes the prospect of using such organs difficult. Indeed, the direct implantation of normal organs results in the female body rejecting them, usually resulting in severe genetic corruption and extensive internal damage (usually resulting in death)The original response to this problem was to introduce a series of carefully administered overdoses of several strength-enhancing drugs, along with a regular intake of testosterone supplements. While on the whole, this was successful, it was not without its side effects. Namely, the females that underwent the treatment were often violent and unhinged individuals, as along with their strength increase, an increase of aggression would accompany.

Also, since implantation takes place during puberty when hormones are strongest and most numerous, it resulted in female Space Marines with underdeveloped bodies, their chemical therapy leaving them with bodies that are more biologically male than female. Another, and perhaps the most preferred method, is the alteration of the organs to increase their efficiency and to work with, rather than against, the estrogen. During puberty, the female body still produces testosterone – just in quantities far less than estrogen. Using complex alteration, the organs are modified to operate with far less testosterone over time than usual. However, although they are far better at using the tiny levels of testosterone present, the process still takes longer than usual, so rather than implantation taking 6-7 years, it is not uncommon for the process to take 10-12 years, and even greater given other considerations. Obviously, the process of puberty is normally well finished at this point, depriving the organs of the hormones that they need, so the levels of estrogen are kept constant for this period.

This results in female Space Marines appearing much younger than they actually are, as they are often well into their 20s before the implantation and training process is finished and complete to a level equal to their male counterparts. This process also keeps their bodies chemically identical to ordinary females, not taking into consideration the many other organs that they receive that actually make their bodies far superior to ordinary humans.

++Incoming Message…..++
++Transmitter – Astropath 9362529856/2551++
++Reciever – Astropath 3631763/486a++
++Author identified as Inquisitor-General Hael++
++Date 475/M.39++
++Thought for the Day: The Daemon is the Tool of the Heretic. Martyrdom is the Tool of the Loyalist.++

Masters, it has so transpired that I have witnessed a most unusual sight, and I implore that an Inquisitorial Cell is deployed immediately so as to fully investigate the matter.

As you are well aware, after several incidents involving unregistered Xenos attacks and frequent Chaotic intrusions, I have been assigned as commanding officer of the Ghaool V 122nd Regiment so as to better catalog and defeat these new threats to the Imperium. My latest observation come underway when we were surveying a dead world believed to be connected to the [CENSORED TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT] when were beset by a large armed force of natives-foul Xenos they were, with skin of obsidian and stone, and they came at us as a great horde. With our supporting fleet on the far side of the system (they were forced to remain behind as the great energy outputs produced by their plasma drives would have almost certainly announced our arrival to any sentient beings in-system)

I made a command on all channels for any Imperial-friendly vessels to come to our immediate aid (that I could do so with confidence simply furthers the fact that many Rogue Traders are consorting with Xenos most foul. We ourselves were forced to board several vessels and revoke their Free Trade Agreements after proving that they traded with alien races without informing the nearest Imperial authorities) Whilst my loyal troopers lay dying around me, within a few short hours we received supporting fire from low orbit, allowing us to sally out of our makeshift mountain fortress and scatter our foes. I hailed the vessel, and the encryption of the comm-link identified the vessel as a Space Marine Strike Cruiser by the name of Exempla Termentia.

Although they at first refused my calls for them to make planetfall, they eventually agreed and within the hour a Thunderhawk was dispatched to meet with me and receive the praise of a fellow member of the Emperor’s fighting forces. As the doors of the Thunderhawk swung open, I was ashamed to admit that my mouth hung agape at the sight before me. The…..Space Marines, if that was what they were, were female. The one that strode forward to meet me came without a helmet, her features instantly recognizable as that of a woman, one in her late 30s by my reckoning, although given the ageless qualities of the Adeptus Astartes, it was safe to say that she was perhaps hundreds of years old. She was as tall as a Space Marine – perhaps a little shorter, and her modified Power Armor made her seem just as well built and strong as a normal Marine. Her hair was long and pulled back, and she came unarmed. Without taking her eyes away from me, she stalked up to me a stood directly in front of me, forcing me to crane my neck to maintain eye contact. She bent her head down and spoke but a single phrase – ‘And so are we revealed.’And they abruptly left.

Our supporting fleet was still far off, operating on the lowest power output possible, so I could not pursue, and given that we did not expect orbital attackers, all our Delta-class ordnance was still on-ship. Now that I am on board, I submit this report and request that immediate action takes place. The Skittari forces attached to my own have held their own counsels amongst their senior Priests and have not of yet…’graced’ me with an audience.

Your most humble servant,
Gallius Hael, Inquisitor-General

Organs of the Female Space Marines

While the Cult Mechanicus have yet to receive a full-body for inspection, they have at least hypothesized the presence of several organs that would be unique to female Space Marines and their purpose within the female system:

Phase 1 – Secondary Heart While the presence of this organ is yet to be confirmed, it seems likely that like their male counterparts, they have an additional heart to better circulate their enhanced blood and to provide a reserve should the first one be damaged in combat. It is thought to be smaller than the usual heart, as the female chest cavity is on average smaller than that of the male, making space a premium. This has led several Magos to surmise that the heart may act as a supplementary heart, rather than an additional heart, acting in support rather than an independent organ.

Phase 2 – Ossmodula is Believed to have the same purpose as the normal Marine organ. May be slightly less effective.

Phase 3 – Yisceopa The first of the unique organs, this organ is a direct gene-alteration of the male Biscopea. This organ is implanted at the back of the skull, growing into the brain and to a certain extent the spinal column. This organ is responsible for the prolonging of the puberty stage of the recipient, so as to continue a steady creation of hormones required for other organs that need stimulation to work. As a side effect, this also results in increased fertility within the young female Marines and leads to heightened sexual awareness and prowess. This, of course, has led to many urban myths about scattered temples of followers of Dark Gods giving in to their base desires, but this has proved baseless as of yet. Like all Marines, they are not forbidden reproduction, but it is normally discouraged, as the Chapter is fearful of the genetic stability of the offspring. (Note – this phenomenon must also be present with male Chapters, although as of yet they are reluctant to make any references to this point of their initiation)

Phase 4 – Haemastamen As per standard, this organ synthesizes chemicals to enhance the efficiency of Marine’s blood. Combined with the effects of proper training and the output of the Yisceopa, this also helps to stimulate and enhance muscle growth.

Phase 5 – Kaliia Organs The female equivalent of the Larraman’s organ. Instead of providing an efficient clotting agent like normal, this organ promotes rapid skin growth and healing. As such, many female Space Marines have scarring, but it is normally indistinguishable from their normal skin, albeit with a slightly darker tone. This is one of the disadvantages of the organ – it is quite possible for a female Space Marine to bleed to death if the wound is large enough, whereas a normal Marine would simply form a large clot that would heal into a mass of tough scar tissue. Also, as the female mind is far more efficient when dealing with pain than the male, this implant is actually two separate organs that are implanted simultaneously-the first, being the one just described, grafted onto the Primary Heart, while the second is implanted into the brain from the top of the skull. This allows for a female Space Marine, given the right Hypno-indoctrination and chemical therapy, to completely shut off the pain receptors of their brains and bodies – although only the most veteran and seasoned of female Space Marines can do this for extended periods of time without fail.

Phase 6 – Catalepsean Node Believed to be far less efficient than normal, requiring female Space Marines to actually sleep more often than a normal Space Marine requires to, perhaps as much as 120 minutes out of every 24 hours.

Phase 7 – Preomnor As per standard.

Phase 8 – Emoghopea The female-specific mutation of the Omophagea. Allows for a Marine to ‘learn’ from the digestion of animal tissue. Has resulted in female Space Marines having a far greater sensitivity to the emotional aspect of this innate learning rather than physical memory (believed to be caused by the influence of the Phase 3 implant, which creates controlled, prolonged puberty, a time where emotional influence holds the most sway over the body) So, by the tasting of an animal, she is able to determine whether the target was confused, frightened, excited, enraged, or any other emotion, up to within 3 days of tasting the material. It is not known whether the same debasement that occurs with the male organ (the various blood-drinking and flesh-eating Chapters) is present, but it is assumed that such female Space Marines do exist, albeit acting in a more psychological fashion than their more debased counterparts.

Phase 9 – Multi-Lung As per standard.

Phase 10 – Occulobe As per standard, although it is believed that due to the influence of estrogen, it is believed that a female Space Marine’s eyes can distinguish between more colors than a normal Space Marine with more clarity, with a comparable level of night vision capabilities (although it has been suggested that female Space Marines eyes can be more sensitive to bright light, due to the increase in optical cells that allow them to distinguish greater color depth)

Phase 11 – Lyman’s Ear As per standard.

Phase 12 – Sus-an Membrane No evidence of such an organ can be found within the current post-mortem examinations performed on the bodies that the Cult Mechanicus have recovered. This is believed to the fact that it is a very complex organ, and with the current proficiency level of mechanical suspended animation technology, has been ruled redundant and not used by the majority of female Space Marines. Also believed to be influenced by the Phase 6 implant.

Phase 13 – Melanochrome As per standard.

Phase 14 – Oolitic Kidney As per standard, although less efficient to prevent the Marine bleeding to death unnecessarily (see Phase 5)

Phase 15 – Neuroglottis As per standard, it is suggested that this also alters the taste receptors for the Marine on an individual basis.

Phase 16 – Juucinaroid Female equivalent of the Mucranoid. Due to the influence of the Phase 5 implant, in addition to altering the sweat glands to create a heat-resistant liquid, this also aids in clotting blood by excreting a liquid that aids in blood clotting when exposed to oxygen. Unfortunately, it appears that this organ has mutated from its original purpose, also aiding in the supply of oxygen to the blood by ‘absorbing’ some of it through the skin. It is then entirely possible for a female Space Marine to die of suffocation if their entire body, externally, is deprived of oxygen for extended periods of time. They can operate normally for most combat purposes, but they rarely wear their armor outside of combat and formal occasions. Obviously, the more physical exertion that the Marine undergoes, the more oxygen they will be required to take into their enhanced system, increasing the risk. For that reason, initial training is conducted without much armor until appropriate hypnotherapy allows them to consciously alter their breathing patterns in all situations.

Phase 17 – Vanek’s Gland Instead of providing the saliva of the Marine with an acidic quality, it instead works in conjunction with the Phase 2 implant to greatly strengthen the teeth of the Space Marine. The female can then chew, rather than melt, their way through several materials, although not as effective as a male Space Marine may do so with his Betcher’s Glands.

Phase 18 – Progenoids It is not known what the influence of large amounts of estrogen has on the Progenoids, however it is believed that it serves the same purpose as the male equivalent-it must unless female Space Marines have developed a method of storing and creating gene-seed without biological incubation and subsequent maturation.

Phase 19 – White Carapace As per standard Black Carapace, suitably altered to take the female figure and internal organ placement into consideration.

Of course, all the organs above have been altered to operate over an extended period of time with small amounts of testosterone and a far larger influence of estrogen. The Cult Mechanicus are eager to recover a full specimen for examination, as it is quite obvious that female Space Marines are just as strong, fast, tough, and efficient as their superhuman male counterparts, and the technology used to create them could be used to greatly enhance existing male organs with proper study and divination. And with all Chapters, it is theorized that some organs would have mutated from their ‘Codex’ behavior, and some may have been lost altogether.

AdMech 837450/xxx/AutopsyReport
Attendant MagosSenior Magos-Genetor Neroii

1. Initial visual investigation leaves no doubt to the cause of death – the subject suffered incredible physical trauma that resulted in the loss of 37.8% of the subject body, consistent with the reported method of termination, having been caught in open ground by a mortar barrage. The taint of Chaos has not yet been determined, so at this point, the subject is being treated as female, and the appropriate surgical methods will be used.

2. The chest cavity proved just as tough to open as any member of the Adeptus Astartes, requiring the strength of two of my Servo-Meds. The ribcage itself was fused in much the same way as a normal Adeptus Astartes, although with further testing it was revealed that the bone itself had less overall tensile strength than would be expected, but was still of a level far above that of a normal human. Examination of the organs contained therein has since been removed and placed into storage pending transportation to Mars for investigation by the Collegica Genetoria.

3. The brain itself proved to be largely intact, the lower torso and limbs having taken the majority of the damage. It proved consistent in size and mass of a normal Adeptus Astartes brain, although there was present a most unusual organ that sat below the apex, whose purpose I could not fathom with the resources available to me now.

4. The chem-lab has reported back. No sign of viral, bacteriological, or toxicological contamination has been detected, and the hormonal patterns have identified the Marine as a female at birth. An excess of estrogen was found, consistent with levels found within young females during puberty. DNA divination has determined that the Marine is within the ages of 30-35, an age comparable to a young Marine, although visual examinations place the subject in her late teens or early 20s at least.

5. In summary, it is my opinion that we have here a techno-heresy of the worst kind. The debasement of gene-seed to such a level so as to make the recipient female the equivalent of a member of the Adeptus Astartes must have utilized technologies either forbidden or forgotten. I shall meet with Inquisitor-General Hael to suggest that we begin our pursuit of our so-called ‘saviors’ anew and recover the black arts used to create them.

Magos-Genetor Neroii

N.B. Yeah, I know… but there is a loophole if you want to create female marines. While the Adeptus Mechanicus would probably not go for it, at least openly, there is nothing to say hereteks might not have perfected the technique for traitor legions. I use this justification for my chaos marine Warband.

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