Anomolian Beholders

We serve the Emperor with our faith and devotion, and with faith, there must also sometimes come sacrifice.

– St. Katherine of Ophelia

The oldest of the Imperialist sects, the Anomolian Beholders see the Emperor as divine but believe mankind must await his return. While other Incarnationist sects believe that it is their duty to bring about the Emperor Incarnate, the Anomolian Beholders believe that such thoughts skirt with hubris. Instead, they are perhaps the most conservative of all the Incarnationist factions, their goal is not to create the Emperor Incarnate, but to observe Humanity and await His arrival. They see it as their job to prepare for this momentous event and to stand ready to offer whatever assistance may be needed at this great time.

The predominant activity of the Anomolian Beholders is locating potential Divine Avatars and observing them. Only if they are convinced that the vessel is tainted will they destroy it. Much like the original Thorians they are content to examine and research remarkable individuals for signs of potential or corruption. They are more zealous than most to follow up any sign or omen of a possible Divine Avatar, and are amongst some of the most traveled Inquisitors in the galaxy.
Anomolian Beholders tend to be pragmatic, down-to-earth individuals, after a lifetime of seeking wisdom and enlightenment, only to have their hopes thwarted time and again. They tend to take a longer view of matters, and despite numerous setbacks to achieving their goals, are always optimistic that the future may hold the answers. This has garnered them a reputation for being level-headed and reliable, and other sects will often happily overlook their foibles in return for these better qualities.