Black Monks

The Black Monks is a cult of outcast deviants and anyone else with disfigurements either from birth defects or caused by disease. They are a cult dedicated to the worship of Nurgle, the Plague Lord. No normal person would even think of entering their ranks, at least no one of sane mind. The majority of the cultists of the Black Monks have some form of disfigurement or disease and it is because of that that they wear hooded cloaks or robes.

The Black Monks live a life underground, which is usually in the sewers of a hive city or major town, only to rise to the surface when business is at hand. Often they will come into contact with other dwellers of the underive and this sometimes leads to conflict with the underhive scum. However, the Black Monks and underhivers may occasionally work together.

Today, the cult of the Black Monks is one of the largest cults to Nurgle in the Imperium.

Power Base

Necromunda is where the leadership dwells because of the complex sewer system of Hive Segundus. The Black Monks’ cells operate in all other hive cities of the Imperium.

Aims & Methods

The Black Monks’ sole aim is to spread disease, pestilence, and famine to all corners of the Imperium. Once that has been achieved the true servants of Nurgle will inherit the galaxy.

The Black Monks use whatever methods they can to cause disease. They will poison water supplies and sabotage food stocks. They will also unleash swarms of insects, carrying plagues, against population centers. In recent years the Black Monks have not had the resources to infect entire populations but the time will come…


The Black Monks have an unremitting hatred for the Sisters Hospitaller. They will do anything to inflict some revolting disease on a Hospitaller hospice, temple, or hospital.


There are two organizations, one that deals with obtaining research on disease, and another that deals with intelligence and planning.

The leader of the cult of the Black Monks is known as the ‘Bubonic Fly’ and he is Klaus Theodor. He was the sole survivor of a plague that afflicted his world many years ago, a plague that was induced by the Black Monks. The Black Monks were so shocked that anyone could possibly have survived that they took this to be an omen from Nurgle himself and promptly recruited him; they especially admired Klaus’s colorful buboes. Very soon Klaus became involved with the operations of the cult directly and rose through the ranks to become the Bubonic Fly.

Among the ranks of the Black Monks is a Death Guard Chaos Marine called S’slick. The Chaos Champion claims to be a renegade sorcerer of the Death Guard and the Black Monks have found no reason to doubt him even though there are many who do not trust him. S’slick has been aiding the cult by creating and spreading new diseases; a small laboratory in the sewers of Hive Segundus has been dedicated to him for this purpose where he distills the contents of great disease-vats. What grows and ferments in these vats is anyone’s guess.