Interpreting Dates in the Imperium of Man

Since Rouge Trader, Warhammer 40K has used an arcane dating system.  I thought I'd do the obligatory explanation of horology in the 41st millennium, and make sure people can figure out some of the weird dates.A typical date might be 4.423815.M41. This can be broken down into 4 basic parts- 4.  423   815  M41.The first … Continue reading Interpreting Dates in the Imperium of Man

So, What’s the Point?

The web is chock full of unofficial codices for just about every faction of the 40K universe. Most of them are not terribly useful as they tend to be full of unofficial rules that no one in their right mind will let you use in a friendly game and are right out in a tournament … Continue reading So, What’s the Point?