Drukhari (Dark Eldar)

“We are the lords of despair, masters of terror. Dread and agony are our meat and wine, and they are plentiful indeed!”

— Attributed to Archon Asdrubael Vect

The forsaken, corrupt kindred of the Craftworld Eldar comprise the Drukhari (or Dark Eldar in Gothic). Their armies, like their Asuryani (Eldar) counter-parts, usually have the advantages of mobility and highly advanced technology, though they often lack resilience and numbers.

The Drukhari are tall, and lithe with alabaster skin of a death-like pallor, for no true life-giving sun provides color within their dark realm. They possess greater physical strength than their Craftworld Eldar counterparts, as the Dark Eldar highly prize physical and martial prowess. They sometimes serve as mercenaries for other species.

Despite their physical beauty by human standards, the Drukhari embody all that is sadistic. These repugnant monsters demonstrate the wantoness and cruelty of the Aeldari character. These piratical Xenos revel in the physical and emotional pain of others, feeding upon the psychic residue of suffering to stave off the slow consumption of their own souls by the Chaos God Slaanesh.

The Dark Eldar live within the “ordered” Immaterium of the Eldar Webway in one foul city-state — the Dark City of Commorragh– and not on any settled world or worlds. The “webway” allows the Dark Eldar to traverse the galaxy safely and far more quickly than most advanced races. Dark Eldar strike with little or no warning and deploy various anti-gravity skimmers to launch high speed attacks.