Enemies of Mankind

“To each of us falls a task, and all the Emperor requires of us guardsmen is that we stand the line, and we die fighting. It is what we do best; we die standing.

— General Sturnn, 412th Cadian Regiment

Foes beyond counting oppose the Imperium and its Imperial Guard. Long ago, mankind realized the stars hold no solace for him and no hope of peace with those that share his galaxy.

All intelligent alien life is hostile to humanity and every race, no matter how vast or simple, threatens the stability and continued dominance of the Imperium. In many cases, alien empires control only a few worlds, or a system and Imperial forces easily contain or exterminate them, they pose little threat to the Imperium’s vast armies and potent warships.

Some xenos breeds cannot so easily be swept aside or smashed by the might of the God-Emperor’s armies. Several of these races have a prominent place amongst the enemies of man; the bloodthirsty Orks, the enigmatic and aloof Eldar, the utterly alien Tyranids, and the technologically advanced Tau, which make up the bulk of the Imperial Guard’s foes.