Genestealer Cults

“We are biological perfection. We blend the ingenuity and cunning of Mankind with the blessings of the Star Children. We are stronger, faster, more intelligent than any who challenge us. We will take that which is ours from the upworlders and remake it in the image of our true masters. It is our destiny.”

— Monthros Amaparha, Speaker of Galactic Truths

Xenos raiders and the nightmarish forces of Chaos best humanity on all fronts. Every day, the sacrifice of billions of lives upon the altar of war keep the enemy at bay. Yet the most insidious threat to Mankind’s survival already seeped into the bloodstream of the Imperium.

Embedded into the infrastructure of countless seemingly loyal worlds, the Genestealer Cults bide their time, spreading tendrils of corruption through the native population until they are ready to begin their bloody insurrections. Once unleashed, they rise in a surging tide, armed with stolen Imperial weaponry and crude industrial tools turned to horrific purposes.

Cultists range from the truly monstrous to merely pallid and bald, able to pass for loyal Imperial citizens whilst their wyrm-form tattoos remain hidden.

The cult serves a far greater power. The tyranid hive fleets descend on the prey world, called by the very cult that seeks to conquer it. It falls to the glorious Imperial Guard to put down these xenos corrupted rebellions and to repel the monsters they would summon.