History of the 613th Regiment

During the Archenemy occupation of Lyubov, pro-Imperial partisans fought behind the lines in support of the Imperial war effort during the first and second Wars for Lyubov.

The partisans made significant contributions to the war by frustrating Archenemy plans to exploit occupied Lyubov economically, gave considerable help to the Imperial Guard by conducting systematic strikes against the Archenemyy’s rear communication network, disseminated political work among the local population by publishing newspapers and leaflets, and succeeded in creating and maintaining a feeling of insecurity among Archenemy forces.

Lyubov partisans operated across the planet but had the most support in the Zarra Uplands and those areas controlled by House Zheltychelokski and in the outer provinces. They also had extensive operations in the Transcontinental Nexus, but they had significantly less support there and often clashed with local traitor groups, as well as Archenemy-controlled auxiliary police.