Law & Punishment

Execution for crimes other than murder, rape, kidnapping, witchcraft, or heresy is rare on Lyubov. The Lyubov culture is famous for the high premium they place on the value of human lives. Executions tend to be by firing squad or hanging with the condemned buried the same day.

The exception is heresy. Chaos worship and witchcraft are such serious crimes that the offender is tortured and killed ruthlessly. Methods vary depending on the tastes of authorities and the degree of the crime in question. Still, painless deaths for heresy are merciful to the point of unfairness. Unlike common criminals considered human, albeit deserving of death, witches and heretics are something other than human. Their remains are not buried immediately but left for several days to deter those who would follow their dark paths.

In general, the law on Lyubov is restitutive rather than retributive. A thief repays double what he stole; he is sold into slavery to work off his debt if he cannot pay. It seems a waste of honest people’s bread to imprison him. A thug is flogged and required to pay restitution to his victim. A murderer is executed. Crimes against property are penalized financially, while crimes against the body merit corporal and financial punishment. There are no prisons on Lyubov, only jails to hold criminals until trial and execution of their sentences.