Official Games Workshop and Other Commercial Sites

  • Games Workshop – The Emperor’s Own most holy website.
  • Forgeworld – Extra models for all GW games, often with free articles for using them, always worth a look  
  • Black Library – The Emperor’s Own Holy and Revered Scriveners. The book publishing arm of GW.  
  • Warhammer Community – News, fluff and free downloads for GW’s games.  
  • Warhammer Plus – More Warhammer, More Often, the 40k/AOS apps, tutorials, battle reports, lore, and more.
  • Warhammer Vault – Lots of OOP stuff, part of Warhammer Plus
  • Warhammer TV – Warhammer video, part of Warhammer Plus but there is some free content here.

Cool Fan Sites

  • Bell of Lost Souls – a group of Warhammer 40,000 with some very cool Mini-Codexes available for free download.  
  • The Fighting Tigers of Veda – the inspiration for this site, home to a very cool non-Codex chapter of Space Marines inspired by Hindu imagery, definitely best of breed online.

Cool Hobby Sites

  • Terragenesis – one of the best sites for ideas and plans to scratch build scenery for any game in any scale.
  • The Miniatures Page – The best source for everything about tabletop gaming  
  • HeroMachine – VERY cool character drawing program, download it and use it online for free. Useful in the extreme to those of us who can’t draw a straight line.  
  • Dire Press Gaming Tools – some very cool gaming tools for both fantasy and sci-fi gaming.  
  • Buttscribe – Funny name but a great list-building resource, check it out!
  • Tabletop Simulator – A great way to test lists and play while you’re social distancing
  • Battlescribe – Easy way to make lists and is accepted pretty much everywhere. 
  • Rightful Ruler  – From selecting deployment zones, measuring objectives, deepstrike radius, and more, all you have to do is hold up your phone.
  • Best Coast Pairings – Great resource for tournaments and to see what lists are doing well. 
  • Reddit – Not a trustworthy news source but a great 40k community that is sometimes super helpful. 
  • Dice Check – If you want to see some great painted armies, fun battle reports, and just a cool channel! 
  • Instagram – Many amazing painters, news, and a really cool 40k community in general.

Painting and Modeling Resourses

Web Comics for Gamer Geeks

Sources of Supply (Albany, NY Area Game Shop Sites)

Sources of Inspiration