Necrontyr (Necrons)

“When the Silent King saw what had been done, he knew at last the true nature of the C’tan, and of the doom they had wrought in his name.”

—Excerpt from the Book of Mournful Night

Long before the evolution of mankind, the short -lived but in-comprehensively advanced Necrontyr and the immortal and psychic Old Ones fought a war. They fought with such powerful weapons that it appeared as if the very gods fought one another, earning it the name “The War in Heaven.”

The immensely powerful C’tan offered the Necrontyr im-mortality and victory. The C’tan tricked the Necrontyr into transferring their conscious-ness into mechanical bodies while the C’tan feasted on their souls. The Necrontyr attained immortality but lost their souls.

The C’tan and the Necrons invaded Old Ones final refuge, the Webway. Desperate, the Old Ones geneered the Orks and Eldar to serve as allies. The tide turned when the Necrons rebelled and shattered the C’Tan, imprisoning them within the Tesseract Vaults.

The Necrons retreated to their Tombworlds and entered stasis until they might reclaim the galaxy.

Today, the Necrons start to reawaken. Programs designed to keep Necron personalities intact failed over the long eons, leaving most Necrons omnicidally insane. Only the aristocracy, entombed with greater care, survived with intact minds. Necron armies now erupt out of their tombs to find a galaxy rich with life and ripe for the reaping.