New Judea

New Judea is the Capital of The Outreaumer Worlds, a subsector of the Glimmerdrift Reaches which lies near the Satyressia Rift – a collection of Chaos-damned Hellworlds dominated by the Jieshi Is’Malal chaos cult. New Judea is also the home of the Maccabees Space Marine Chapter which protects the people of the Glimmerdrift from the enemies of G-d and Mankind. New Judea itself is a pleasant world that was once held by the Word Bearers Chaos Marine Legion. The world was liberated in an epic war led by Matisyahu Hakon in the days following the Horus Heresy

Before the Heresy

Kanaan was a subject world of the Word Bearers Legion. As was their custom, the Word Bearers erected massive temples to the Emperor as well as their own captains. When the Emperor chastised the legion for making him into a god, these temples were rededicated to the Ruinous Powers and the world fell into debauchery.

The Liberation

Matisyahu Hakon led his men into the wilderness of the Segmentum Pacificus at the behest of Lynn ‘The Lion’ El’Jonson to carry their faith and their mission to protect mankind from the depredations of Chaos into the farthest reaches of the galaxy.

Upon discovering the Word Bearers’ enclave outside the Eye of Terror, they wasted no time in attacking. At first, it was suggested that the world be subjected to exterminatus, but Matisyahu Hakon stayed his hand as the world was a garden planet. Seeing it was a good and pleasant world, he determined to drive the chaos-taint from the planet and re-seed it with people who fled Caliban with him and his men.

After an epic war of extermination, the world was freed from the Chaos marines and was renamed New Judea by Matisyahu Hakon who took up residence as the first Chapter Master of the Maccabees Space Marine Chapter.

Physical Data

Planet NameNew JudeaAtmosphere TypeStandard, Tainted
Equatorial Diameter12,220 kmAtmosphere NotesHigh Oxygen (29%)
Surface Gravity1 gGovernment TypeCharismatic Dictatorship
Escape Velocity9.55 km/sTechnology LevelStellar Mainstream
Bond Albedo18Primary NameShamash
Orbital Period345 days terran standardPrimary TypeF9v
Rotational Period26 hours 52 minutesOrbital Distance1.02 au
Avg. Mean Temperature289° Kelvin (16° Celsius)Stellar Mass1 sol
Atmospheric Pressure1 barsUPP (Traveller)A8777A4-B
Hydrographics75%Satellite UPP (Traveller)B452467-A
Highest Point8597 mSatellite Orbital Distance184,000 km (16 planetary diameters)

Starport is at First Landing and offers good quality services. Spacecraft construction, starship overhaul, and refined fuel.

Technology is in the stellar mainstream, capable of building and servicing large starships. Fusion power is standard and laser weapons are the weapon of choice for the armed forces.

Government is by a single leader enjoying the confidence of the citizens. The Imperial bureaucracy agonized over whether this world was a charismatic dictatorship or a religious dictatorship, finally settling on a charismatic dictatorship since religious tolerance is practiced to a greater degree than in most religious dictatorships.

Law Level is moderate – light assault weapons prohibited, but otherwise, the right to keep and bear arms is more or less universal for adults. Civil liberties are generally not interfered with although the definition of what constitutes civil liberty is defined by biblical law. Freedom of expression of political opinion is broad but tolerance of heresy, blasphemy, indecency, and obscenity is rather low.

Map of New Judea

Map of New Judea
New Judea from orbit