Organization and Markings

Company Markings

Headquarter Companies

The Royal Host of Judah (Command Company)

The Royal Host of Judah is the command company led by Grand Master Yonatan the Hammer. He keeps a bodyguard of terminator marines as his personal guard. These praetorians are available to deploy by drop pod, teleporter, or drop ship at a moment’s notice to decide any battle the Chapter finds itself in.

The Temple Host of Levi (Chaplaincy and Librarium)

The Temple Host of Levi is led by the High Priest Eleazar, the head of the Chaplaincy and the Chapter Cult. The High Priest oversees the spiritual health of the Chapter by assigning Chaplains to the Companies. Immediately beneath him is the Reclusiarch Ithamar, the Warden of the Temple. The Chief Scribe Kohath is the head of the Librarium, and he often leads forces or assists the Chapter Master in battle while other Librarians aid company Captains. The Scribes also hold the overall responsibility for communications and scrutinizing battle reports to provide recommendations for honor awards. The Maccabees are scholars and warriors, and each brother is expected to be a learned religious, scientific, and historical scholar.

The Host of Manasseh (The Forge)

The Host of Manasseh is the Chapter Armory; Forgemaster Barzel oversees the maintenance of the Chapter’s motor pool, battle barges, and other technology.

The Host of Ephriam (The Apothecarion)

The Host of Ephraim is led by the Chapter Apothecary Rakak, the Master of the Balm, who oversees the Chapter hospital, creates new Marines, and ensures the quality of aspirants inducted into the Chapter. The Chief Apothecary is the senior-most Apothecary and head of the Apothecarion. He is responsible for assigning Apothecaries to Companies to heal their battle-brothers or recover the gene seed.

Battle Companies

Tactical Markings

The Host of Rueben (1st Company – Veterans)

The Host of Rueben is the Veteran Company. The Maccabees terminators are all in the first or veteran company as the Dark Angels. Unlike the Dark Angels, the terminators do not wear different colors than the balance of the Chapter. The Host of Rueben’s Captain Henoch is granted the title ‘Master of the Sanctuary,’ and he is the Lord Castellan of the Chapter Fortress in Salem. The First Lieutenant of the Host is Elazar, the Lord Chamberlain of the Grand Master’s household.

The Host of Simeon (2nd Company – Assault)

The Host of Simeon is the Assault Company. It contains most of the Chapter’s fast attack assets. The captain Jemin of the Host of Simeon holds the title Master of the Watch and is heavily involved in system-wide defense and intelligence assessment of threats to New Judea and her people. The first Lieutenant Shaul of the Host of Simeon is the Knight Champion of the Chapter.

The Host of Dan (3rd Company – Tactical)

The Host of Dan is led by Micah, the Master of the Arsenal, who oversees the Chapter’s field logistics. The 1st Lieutenant Gershom of the Host of Dan is the Lord Victualler of the Chapter and oversees the distribution of non-lethal supplies such as food and fuel to the Chapter warriors.

The Host of Naphtali (4th Company – Tactical/Orbital Assault)

The Host of Naphtali is led by Enon, Master of the Fleet, who commands the spaceborne assets of the Chapter. The first Lieutenant Ahira of the Host of Naphtali is the Lord High Chancellor and is responsible for the Chapter’s diplomatic relations with other Imperial bodies, including the Inquisition, the Imperial Navy, the Adeptus Terra, the Imperial Guard, and other Space Marine Chapters.

Host of Gad (5th Company – Tactical)

The Host of Gad is led by Reuel, the Master of the Marches, who oversees the deployment of the Chapter’s fighting strength, and it is to his knowledge that the Chapter turns when readying for war. Master of the Marches are wholly devoted to their logistical duties and oversee immense data. The first lieutenant Eliasaph of the Host of Gad is Lord High Suzerain of New Judea and is the steward of the throne in the absence of the Grand Master or the High Priest of the Chapter.

Reserve Companies

Host of Asher (6th Company – Reserve/Tactical)

The Host of Asher is led by Ocran, the Master of the Rites, who oversees the rites and rituals of the Chapter and ensures they are correctly carried out in due season. He also calls the brethren from war to refreshment and ensures that such respite never becomes excess or overindulgence. The 1st Lieutenant Pagiel of the Host of Asher is the Keeper of the Chapter Banner who bears it into battle or loans it to other companies to bear into battle as instructed by the Grand Master.

Host of Issachar (7th Company – Reserve/Orbital Assault)

Host of Issachar, led by Nathaniel, Master of Signal, oversees forward elements of a planetary assault, providing communications support across the wider warzone, calling down a pinpoint bombardment from either orbiting fleet assets or static artillery positions nearby. The 1st Lieutenant Zuar is Lord High Warden, who oversees strategic deployment and strikes.

Host of Zebulon (8th Company – Reserve/Tactical)

The Host of Zebulon is led by the Helon, Master of the Gates, who is responsible for enforcing the Grand Master’s orders and ensuring the will of the Grand Master, and by extension, the Emperor is done. The 1st Lieutenant Gideon is Lord High Executioner, a brutal and direct individual, known to be bloody and efficient in close combat, rather than heroic or flamboyant.

Host of Joseph (9th Company – Reserve/Armored)

The Host of Joseph is led by the Ammihud, Master of Relics, an unmatched expert in the tactics of long-range warfare. He is also the guardian of the Chapter’s many technological masterpieces and relics, bringing them to the battlefield in times of need. The armored might of the Chapter is concentrated in the 9th Host. The 1st Lieutenant Elijah is Lord High Justicar, responsible for hearing and resolving disputes between the brethren and managing the justice system on New Judea.

Host of Benjamin (10th Company – Scout/Reconnaisance)

The Host of Benjamin is led by Abner, Master of Recruits, overseeing the newly recruited Neophytes and Scouts of the Chapter. The 1st Lieutenant Mallach of the Scout Company commands the scout biker detachment and is the Lord Horsemaster.