Purple Hand

The Purple Hand is the largest Chaos cult in the Imperium and is dedicated to the Chaos God Tzeentch. They have ‘cells’ all over the Imperium; cells are operational units whose sole purpose is to undermine the administration where they are based. This idea was taken from the highly organized crime syndicates of Necromunda by Purple Hand cultists who were most impressed by some of the crime lords’ methods on that world. Orphelia VII has the largest concentration of Purple Hand operatives and it is there that the most important members of the Cult reside.

Even though the Purple Hand contains many intelligent members it is largely poorly organized and communication between the prospective cells of the Imperium is very patchy due to the vast distances between cells. It has not been unknown for a messenger to be killed by the very people the message was intended for, because they thought that he was a witch-hunter’s agent. But even so, the Purple Hand is one of the best-organized Chaos cults in the Imperium and has substantial funds and many prominent members within its ranks.

Communication between the heads of the Ordos (see below) is made with the use of couriers. The heads only meet twice a century and the nine do not know of each other’s real identities. The semi-centennial meetings take place deep within the Eye of Terror when the stars are right. On a magically hidden world, the masked Magistri of the three Ordos re-dedicate themselves to the service of Tzeentch, sing hymns to the Chaos God, and watch in frenzied delight as the members of the Inner Circle conclude the ceremony with a human sacrifice.

Power Base

The power centers of this cult are on Necromunda and Orphelia VII (particularly the latter). The Purple Hand also has many cells all over the Imperium and has massive resources. The Windhund Haulage Company on Necromunda is a front for the Purple Hand.

Aims & Methods

The Purple Hand is dedicated to the overthrow of the central government in the Imperium. The Emperor is to be replaced by a ‘puppet’ and all the administrative arms of the Imperium will be controlled by the Purple Hand. From this position, the servants of Tzeentch will be able to wreak havoc and disruption throughout the Galaxy.

Covert manipulation is the key to all the cult’s activities. The Purple Hand worm their way into positions of power throughout the Imperium to further the cause of Tzeentch. They also infiltrate positions in the Imperial Cult and the Cult Mechanicus so that they can make relations between the two cults, which are patchy, to say the least anyway, insufferable; though not to the extent of the Age of Apostasy (yet).


The Purple Hand is against anyone that seeks to thwart their plans for domination of the Imperium. Incredibly this also includes the other major cult dedicated to Tzeentch, the Red Crown. They are as determined to destroy them as they are the Imperium as they feel that their methods could damage their own influence.


Three organizations make up the Purple Hand: Ordo Novitiae (in charge of recruitment and indoctrination), Ordo Impedimentae (in charge of fund-raising), and Ordo Terribilis (in charge of research and development).

The head of the Purple Hand is none other than one of the Law Lords of Orphelia VII, Karl-Heinz Wasmeier. He is the Cult’s Magister Magistri and Head of the Inner Circle. Each Ordo is headed by three high-ranking cultists called ‘Magistri’. The supreme Magistri of the Ordo Terribilis is Salladh-bar al’Gol the Great, a Tallarni Necromancer. The Magistri are either wizards, assassins, academics, or long-standing members of power and influence (important members of the Hive Guilds, Members of the Ecclesiarchy, or the Inquisition).