Would you have Mankind grow old and withered,
running to fat on the fruits of remembered glory
whilst its enemies tear at its frail extremities?
I think not. With each trial, we become stronger.
My brethren and I will provide.

– Inquisitor Verchorte

According to the Recongregation philosophy, the Imperium has become corrupt and decaying. It no longer serves the purpose for which it exists and works in spite of its massive organizations rather than because of them. Over time the morass of politics, factions,  bureaucracy, and the immense edifices of the Imperium must be pulled apart and reassembled in a new fashion that works better for Mankind. If the Imperium is allowed to continue to stagnate, it will eventually fall apart and humanity will fall prey to the unnumbered perils that it faces. Recongregators attempt to destabilize the Imperial organizations from the inside, replacing corrupt and/or conservative leaders and men of power with people who have more radical views and a will to change. Most are wary of too much upheaval though, preferring not to destroy something utterly, but to subtly change it and shape it to their will. Too much direct action risks bringing about the premature downfall of the Imperium, and the commensurate disaster that will bring.
Recongregators often help anti-Imperial sects and covens, often altering the cult’s philosophies to match their own if possible. They are not above extreme action when necessary if this will promote the required response and change they desire.
As can be imagined, Recongregators have frequent run-ins with those who believe in the Amalthian philosophy, as the two beliefs are diametrically opposed. This can lead to conflict between the two sects, with one working to destabilize or overthrow a particular person’s or organization’s power, and the other striving to maintain it.