Red Crown

The Red Crown is a Chaos cult dedicated to the Great Conspirator. Unlike the Purple Hand, who favors intrigue and the infiltration of the upper echelons of society, the Red Crown favors a more direct involvement in the destabilizing of the Imperium: when civil authority finally breaks down the hordes of the Changer of the Way will sweep forth crush the Imperium. Even today, warbands of beastmen and mutants, as well as social misfits and outcasts, are being recruited for this purpose. Because of this, the Red Crown is very popular with militant Tzeentchian cultists and all kinds of people who delight in wanton savagery.

However, the Red Crown is not entirely a cult with brutal methods and sub-intelligent allies. There are many in its ranks, with magical talent, who can be regarded as ‘sleeper’ agents based in the Imperium’s cities and major worlds. They often work alone or if absolutely necessary they will work with one other person, who will always be of lesser rank and may even be a mutant; someone who is easily subjugated and doesn’t question orders. These sleeper agents try to recruit people with psychic potential and tutor them in the ways of proscribed magic. It is often the case that once an apprentice starts learning these magics, especially Chaos and Dark Magic, it is too late for them to turn back, possibly with the growth of a mutation or gaining a disability, and only Tzeentch can give them sanctuary in the form of the Red Crown.

Power Base

The main power base of the Red Crown is Holy Terra itself. The Red Crown has substantial resources and remains the second most powerful Chaos cult in the Imperium. They have many bands of mutants, beastmen, and Chaos Marines at their disposal.

Aims & Methods

The goal of the Red Crown is nothing less than the complete destruction of the Imperium through force of arms.

The Red Crown has infiltrated some areas of Imperial government but on a much smaller scale than the Purple Hand. Whenever they learn of an Imperial deployment against the forces of Chaos the Red Crown will immediately set up an ambush to destroy the Imperial forces. They have no qualms in using the temperamental and volatile Chaos Marines they control to destroy their foes.


The Red Crown despises cultists of the Purple Hand and the feeling is mutual. Their methods are so different that an alliance is unthinkable.


There are two branches within the cult, one which deals with the recruitment of mutants, Beastmen, and Chaos warriors, and one which deals with the day-to-day running of the cult, i.e. the removal of tiresome opponents.

The Red Crown’s head is typically known as the Master of Change. Those in charge of the recruitment of Beastmen and mutants are usually mutants themselves. They spend most of their time in the underhives drumming up support for the cult among the vicious warbands and cementing alliances. One of the most prominent members of the Red Crown is Etelka Herzen. She is a wizard of consummate skill. Another important member is Ulfhednar the Destroyer, a Chaos Marine. He only cares for military matters and is seeking a base in the Imperium in which to launch attacks against its soldiers and citizens.