here is but one universal truth
– one irrefutable fact that drives us on.
That the Emperor is forever.

– Inquisitor Mestan of the Ordo Xenos on Pavia

Unusually for a resurrectionist cult, the Revivicators have few ties with the Ministorum. Their focus is directed towards the transition of the soul to the Warp at the point of death. In particular, they study the means by which this can be slowed, halted, and, ultimately, returned. This study takes them to battlefields and plague areas, to conduct their investigations on those close to the death. They are also frequenters of tombs and mausoleums, hence a certain amount of disrespect for the practices of the Ecclesiarchy.
Known as ghouls or ravens for their somewhat morbid practices, the Revivificators are also known to have learned much from the capture of various Eldar over the centuries. In particular, they find the principle of the Eldar spirit stone intriguing, and have on numerous occasions attempted to replicate the practice of capturing a departing soul. So far, such attempts have proved wholly unsuccessful, for Mankind’s psychic technology is far inferior to the psychic-engineering properties of Eldar wraithbone.
There are also those that have read Van Hinkel’s Treatise on the Soultheft Methods of Eldar Pirates, penned by that Inquisitor Lord in the late 39th millennium. This detailed manuscript contains Van Hinkel’s report on interrogations of captured Dark Eldar, as well as collating information from many other sources previously scattered in various libraries and data files throughout the Inquisition’s fortresses and stations.
The least scrupulous Revivificators have attempted to repeat the torturous practices of the Dark Eldar, usually on heretics and other criminals, though not exclusively so. Few amongst the Inquisition know of the grisly dungeons staffed by telepaths and wired with arcane machinery for the detection and extraction of psychic energy.
Ultimately, it is the goal of the Revivificators to study the Golden Throne itself and perhaps alter its working so that the Emperor’s body might be restored. To this end, it is not only the passage of the soul to the Warp that the Revivificators study, but also the processes by which a corpse may be maintained in a state ready for such a re-infusion of the soul. Access to this knowledge and technologies means that Revivificators often live far longer than even other Inquisitors, the oldest being Inquisitor Lord Verinath, who was shot and killed whilst hale and hearty at the age of seven hundred and sixty-three.