The Crimson Sickle

The Crimson Sickle is dedicated to the worship of Khorne, the Blood God. There are very few of Khorne’s cults in the Imperium as his worship is usually centered around the battlefields near the Eye of Terror where the aspects of the Blood God can be fully ‘appreciated’: frenzy, anger, rage, destruction, violence, and the spilling of blood. Even in the Imperium, such things are difficult to do in a widespread manner. However, the Crimson Sickle hopes to change all this by recruiting as many cut-throats, thugs, murderers, anarchists, and generally any unpleasant people, into their ranks and then inflict as much widespread murder as possible in the name of Khorne. Too frequently, though, this ragtag bunch fight each other to be of any kind of a threat; occasionally small groups attend gravball matches where they find it very easy to ignite the flames of thuggery amongst the hooligans.

In truth, the cult of the Crimson Sickle is a ship without sails and, a lot of the time, a ship without a captain. It lacks any kind of stability and any real aims. As long as there are people to kill that is good enough for them. Some individuals have tried to give the cult some kind of direction and purpose but have themselves been murdered for their efforts, usually on orders of the cult’s leader. The cult’s leader, Konrad, has resisted any attempts to remove him so far but it could only be a matter of time before someone else takes the reins of the head of the Crimson Sickle.

Power Base

Wherever there is anyone to kill. Penal colonies and slave labor camps are particularly popular sites for ‘the work of Khorne’ as are the slums of the hives and the shanty towns around them.

Aims & Methods

The cult exists for killing people. Any method where death is assured is good enough.


Just about everyone is hated. Cultists of the Crimson Sickle particularly loath followers of Slaanesh, wizards, or anyone using psychic powers.


There is no organizational structure. The ranks of the Crimson Sickle change almost every week as the life expectancy of new recruits is not long. Only the criminally insane and bloodthirsty, or the lucky ones, survive for any length of time and even then they kill anyone in the ranks who they deem as a rival. This is a necessity if one wishes to survive in the cult of the Crimson Sickle.

The head of the cult is Konrad Waldheim. He has managed to remain a leader for an amazing sixty years, an outstanding achievement for the Crimson Sickle; this could be down to his being a demon-prince of the World Eaters Chaos Space Marine Legion. No one particularly wants to try their luck against a Daemon so no one threatens his leadership, though there are many that want to. Any dissension in the ranks is met with swift death either by his hands or by his Chosen Chaos Marine bodyguard. Konrad shares power with no one and remains the supreme leader until someone of sufficient power comes along and dares challenge him.