The Leaders

Al Quaidi – The Leaders

Unlike larger military organizations like Imperial Guard Regiments, Loyalist Marine Chapters or even the other Chaos Legions the Jieshi Is’Malal are a relatively small group numbering in the hundreds rather than the thousands. Headquarters choices consist of specific individuals rather than generic ‘Chaos Lords’ and the like. Unlike Games Workshop Characters, these characters do NOT require your opponent’s permission to use since their stats and rules come right out of the current (2007) Codex: Chaos Space Marines.

Sultan Faruq al’Fadi (Discerning the Redeemer)

Chaos Lord and Warband Commander

Faruq is the Chaos Warlord who leads the Jieshi Is’Malal and he is the 10th leader of the legion. He is convinced that the 11th leader of the Is’Malali will be the Muadi al’Din the Leader of the Faith who will conquer both Imperium and the infidel chaos legions once and for all. Just before the appearance of the Muadi, the Emperor will be reborn and will lead the Imperium to Malal. Once this occurs, the final Jyhad will begin and will sweep the infidels from the stars. He is personally fearless, always making any morale check he is called upon to roll and he confers this ability to any unit he joins.

Faruq is a direct descendent of Belak and fancies himself a religious scholar as well as a war leader. He can often be found delivering sermons to the faithful or producing crude attempts at psychological warfare aimed at his enemies promising them destruction and humiliation at the hands of the faithful through the will of Malal.

Faruq is a charismatic and romantic figure riding into battle on his Chaos Steed (treat as a bike) brandishing his power sword and his plasma pistol. His personal icon branded into the flank of Burak, his trusty mount.

Faruq will only be present in battles of 1850 points or more (smaller skirmishes are generally handled by one of his Emirs)

Faruq al’FadiChaos Lord(General)1HQ6544/5353/4103+/5(i)150
Infantry; Independent Character (p30 & p92 C:CSM); Plasma Pistol; Power Weapon; Fearless; Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Chaos Steed

modeling guide: Conversion based on Archeron the Everchosen from WFB 

Grand Vizier Farasaat al’Harb (Keen Eye of Chaos)

Grand Vizier and Deputy Commander

Farasaat is a Chaos Sorcerer and Faruq’s right-hand. He is charged with summoning the Djinni (Chaos Summoned Demons) to the battlefield and calling down the wrath of Malal on the Infidel. He is accompanied into battle by his familiar – a minor Djin named Al’Ain ibn Farasaat (The Eye, son of the Keen Eye) who augments Farasaat’s already formidable psychic powers.

Farasaat is the very image of a Chaos Sorcerer, his demonic visage and flowing robes makes him a very recognizable presence on the battlefield

The Grand Vizier will only be present in battles of 1500 points or more, smaller battles will be overseen by one of his aides.

Farasaat al’HarbChaos Sorcerer (Vizier)1HQ5544353/4103+/5(i)150
Infantry; Independent Character; Sorcerer (p31 & p93 C:CSM); Bolt Pistol (x1); Force Weapon (x1); Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Doombolt; Familiar; Personal Icon; Wind of Chaos

Modeling guide: Ahriman body, Head from Mordhiem Chaos Mutant 

Emir (Exalted Champion of Chaos)

For smaller battles and patrol missions, the Jieshi typically relies on the leadership abilities of lesser champions of Chaos. These mighty warriors are still formidable by any measure and are quite capable of handling smaller actions that are generally below the direct notice of the Sultan or his Grand Vizier. There are ten Emirs at any given time. The current Emirs are: Rafiqi al’Nekba (Master of Disaster),

Chaos Lord1HQ6544353/4103+/5(i)105
Infantry; Independent Character (p30 & p92 C:CSM); Close Combat Weapon (x1); Plasma Pistol; Fearless; Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades

Modeling Guide: Champion of Khorne from WFB converted to carry a Plasma Pistol.

Sahar (Chaos Sorcerer)

The aides and students of the Grand Vizier are the Sahari – the Sorcerers – who function as the clergy of cult and are charged with the spiritual well-being of the faithful. They also serve to enforce the orthodoxy of the Cult of Malal within military and civil society. There are many lesser Sahari but the most important are the Council of Experts, the ten greatest Sahari who advise and attend the Vizier in making religious decisions for the cult and interpreting the holy texts for the masses. Sahari can be found in attendance when the attention of the Grand Vizier is not required in a particular battle.

The members of the current Council of Experts are:

Chaos Sorcerer1HQ5544353/4103+/5(i)115
Infantry; Independent Character; Sorcerer (p31 & p93 C:CSM); Bolt Pistol (x1); Force Weapon (x1); Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Doombolt; Personal Icon

Modeling Guide: Sorcerer from the ‘Thousand Sons’ Chaos Marine Squad box. No conversion needed