“They are coming for us – flesh, body and soul!”

– Guardsman Krell, Utramar Auxilla

Terrifying, monstrous aliens from beyond the edge of the galaxy itself, intent on consuming all life to feed their vast bio-fleets and hive ships.
As the endless advances of the Tyranids pour into the galaxy from the eastern fringe, the Imperial Guard must form a break wall against the alien tide.

Like two great hammers smashing into each other, the Tyranids and their swarms of alien horrors and bizarre monstrosities slam into the massed ranks of the Imperial Guard and its millions of men.
A horrific and bloody war of attrition results, in which every Guardsman slaughtered screaming to feed the hive mind makes the Tyranids stronger and the Imperium weaker.

Yet the Imperial Guard has no alternative, lest the Tyranids overrun their defenses and plunge even deeper into the Imperium. Therefore, more and more regiments pour into the alien meat-grinder.