World of Lyubov

Physical Data

Map of Lyubov

Planet NameLyubovPopulation10,030,000,000
Equatorial Diameter11,220 kmMajor Cities10 (avg. pop.: 50,000,000)
Mass0.64Government TypeCharismatic Dictatorship
Density0.955     Head of StateTzar-Tzaddik
Orbital Eccentricity0.2     Head of GovernmentTzar-Tzaddik
Axial Tilt25°     Other Branches of GovJudicial, Advisory Council (Douma)
Surface Gravity0.82g     Source of LegislationTradition/Judicial
Escape Velocity9.55 km/sTechnology LevelImperial Mainstream
Bond Albedo18Primary NameSabex
Orbital Period336 days Terran standard     Primary TypeG0v
Rotational Period23 hours 58 minutes     Stellar Mass1.05 sol
Average Mean Temperature280° Kelvin (7° Celsius)     Stellar Luminosity1.00 sol
       Greenhouse Effect10%     Orbital Distance0.946 au
Atmosphere TypeStandard, TaintedTectonic Plates4
       Atmospheric Pressure0.91 bars     Tectonic Stress Factor3
       Atmosphere NotesHigh Oxygen (29%)     Notable Volcanoes6
Hydrographics65%     Number of Continents6
       Oceans4     Highest Point6147 m
       Major Rivers9  

Economic Data

Natural RecoursesAgriculturals, Ores, Compounds
Processed ResourcesAgroproducts, Refined Metals, Refined Non-Metals
Manufactured GoodsDurables, Consumables
InformationRecordings, Documents, Software
Gross Planetary Product$20,324,000,000,000Base Tax Revenue$4,648,000,000,000
Per Capital GDP$28,000Nominal Tax Rate20%
Military Budget$415,000,000,000Social Budget$3,168,200,000,000
Imperial Remittances$464,800,000,000General Government$600,000,0000

Capital and Starport is at Lyubovhive, and offers good quality services including spacecraft construction, starship overhaul and refined fuel. Population 90,000,000.  Technology is in the Imperial mainstream, capable of building and servicing large starships. Fusion power is standard and laser weapons are the weapon of choice for the local armed forces. The local military is equipped to the standards of the Imperial Guard.

Government is by a single leader, the Tsar-Tazzadik. The Tsar-Tzaddik functions as both a religious and temoral ruler and enjoys the confidence of the citizenry. He is advised by the Knias Douma, comprised of the princes of the several provinces of Lyubov. The Douma also functions as a supreme court but their decisions are subject to veto by the Tsar.

The social outlook of the people of Lyubov is harmonious and conservative but a noticeable technological drive exists. The planet’s technology is solidly in the Imperial mainstream.

While not an overly militaristic society, Lyubov maintains a powerful military and the people are quite accepting of the use of force to protect the world and defend their neighbors, especially against the depredations of Chaos.

Lyubov is open to off-world Imperial contact and visitors are likely to be treated well; however, it is also a conservative and well-ordered society, so visitors are strongly advised to not violate the local social or religious mores.

Law Level is moderate – light assault weapons and more effective arms are prohibited, but otherwise the right to keep and bear arms is universal for adults.

Civil liberties are generally not interfered with although the definition of what constitutes a civil liberty is defined by religious law. Freedom of expression of political opinion is broad but tolerance of heresy, blasphemy, indecency and obscenity is rather low.

Local cultural Idiosyncrasies include married women covering their hair when in public, men will always cover their heads with some sort of hat or cap. Children are named for deceased relatives or cultural heroes. Marriages are generally arranged by professional matchmakers with input from parents and the parties involved – divorce is possible but rare. Psykers are not tolerated, the exception being a very small caste of sanctioned religious scholars whose ethics are beyond dispute. This caste is watched very closely, however, to prevent corruption. Witchcraft (unauthorized psychic activity) is punishable by death – and this death penalty is rigorously enforced.